20 Facts About Me

Hey guys! I know this blog is rather fresh, so I wanted to give you another quick glimpse into my life. Consider it a handshake, if you will.

I would also absolutely love it if you left me a comment with anything we may have in common. Sometimes the world is a lot smaller than it seems. I love new connections and learning more about other bloggers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts!

Lisa Hahn

Here is a list of 20 facts to offer some more insight into who I am and what I love!

1. I’m a mother.

2. I’m a wife to a very loving and talented man.

3. I own an English Cream Dachshund named Wizard.

4. I am 31 years old.

5. My astrological sign is Cancer.

6. My favorite band is Depeche Mode.

7. My favorite era is the 80s.

8. I graduated from the University of Southern California.

9. I am currently living in a Southern Californian suburb called Rancho Cucamonga.

10. I used to be a college radio DJ. I played everything from Metal to Electro.

11. My favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.

12. I prefer watching Horror Movies over Romantic Comedies.

13. I got married at Union Station in Los Angeles.

14. In high school, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster.

15. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and am Mexican-American.

16. My favorite food is lasagna.

17. I met my husband on Match.com.

18. I played soccer for just over 12 years.

19. I love visiting haunted places.

20. I run a handmade business on Etsy in the evenings and weekends called Creepy St.


Cheers and thanks!

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