What does I DREAM IN DISCO mean?

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So, what does I Dream in Disco mean to me? Let me preface this by saying that I have a loving husband, an adorable son, and a hilarious dog.

I’m in my early thirties, and when I look back to the days when I was on partying on the dancefloor in my early twenties, I can’t help but think how much life has changed. I was so carefree, daring, and excited about the adventures that entwined my life. Some could say that it may have been the best time of my life, but to me it is all so relative.

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Hello and welcome to my world!

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Hello, and welcome to my world!

I’ve been itching to launch a blog about motherhood, marriage, career, and everything in between for quite some time now. I’m thrilled to finally have nailed down a blog name, as well as topics that carry over into my daily life.

As a working mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I’ve realized that documenting some of the highlights, lowlights, and discoveries on my journey, will allow me to capture memories and share my adventures.

For more about me, check out my About Page or just message me if you ever want to collaborate, comment or inquire about anything!

Here. We. Go.



P.S. Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know where you’re from!


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